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You don't specify whether port 25 is blocked inbound or outbound, but I'm going to assume the latter as that's what most ISPs do.

Unfortunately, the only solution for this is to use an outbound SMTP relay service. Theoretically, you might be able to relay all of your outbound mail through your ISP's SMTP server, but that may or may not work depending on your ISP's restrictions on outbound mail. Alternatively, there are third-party providers that offer mail relay services expressly for this purpose. EasyDNS' easySMTP comes to mind, and I know the DynDNS used to offer a simple service for this, but I think it's been wrapped up into their bigger enterprise-level offerings, so I don't think the basic relay service still exists. You can probably shop around and find others.

That said, there's probably no reason you can't give Comcast a shot for this, since as you say it's mostly a hobbyist thing. You'd need to configure your outbound mail server to use port 587 and authenticate to Comcast with your Comcast user ID and password. How you do this will depend entirely on what mail server you're using.
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