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Originally Posted by rbeltz48 View Post
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Something that the vast majority of web developers in the world simply don't understand. Back in 2007, Fastmail was free. Then it was $5.00/yr. Now it is $10.00/yr. for those who already have a Lite account. For others it is now $30.00/yr. for a new user basic account! Is that inflation or what? A 3000% pricing increase in about 9 years or less!

The classic interface does rings around the new one. At the end of our billing cycle in Nov. 2017 I may well move to Hushmail or Safe-Mail. Enough is enough!
Divide $30 by the number of days in a year, and look at the day price. If you can't stomach that, perhaps go for a free service, like GMail?`

Gee, I just looked at the prices for Premium accounts at Safe-Mail. Ouch.
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