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Feature request: merge contacts

I am not sure where suggestions and feature requests are best made these days, so I am hoping someone at FM is listening here.

Because email contacts are automatically generated from received mail in Fastmail, I frequently find multiple contact entries for the same person who has emailed with different email addresses at different times. This can be a problem when I compose an email to that person, because I am presented with multiple email addresses rather than a single default and end up having to search my mailboxes to see which address they most frequently use.

It would be great to have a feature whereby I can select all of the contact entries that I have identified as being the same person, then click to merge them into one. The user would have to designate one entry as the default, which would determine which name and primary email address should be used in the merged contact. Or perhaps there could be some other way for the user to edit the merged contact before it is saved and the other, now redundant entries are deleted.

Thanks for considering this Fastmail team... if you're listening.
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