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After searching and signing up for a couple of free services, I was left wanting more. POP just did not cut it for me--I need to access my mail from multiple computers, and I was spoiled by the IMAP access my college had provided for me. My Hotmail account lasted about a week before being spammed into submission, and few others provided the IMAP access I really needed.

Then I stumbled across and the Fastmail forum. After seeing how ridiculously quickly Jeremy and Rob responded to questions and technical issues and made necessary hardware upgrades, and looking over the list of features, I felt confident forgoing the free account and spending 19.95 for a full one.

The IMAP access is faster than any other service that I have used, the web interface is clean, efficient, and blazingly fast, and the feature that allows me to use and file e-mail into the appropriate folders is just genius. And of course, the best feature of all, the "bounce" button, is a feature that every e-mail service should have. Fastmail has every feature that I wanted and much more!

Needless to say, the only regret that I have is that I didn't sign up for 2 years!

Thanks for all the great work, J/R!
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