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FM advantages

I use FM specifically because its handling of aliases and identities is better than any other service I've tried. I frequently have to send emails as if they're from another email address that I control (employers/clients, generally), and it's really easy to do this with FM, and it just works. Gmail (and I think Yahoo) force you to send these emails via the employer's SMTP server, which means if your employer can't be bothered to help, you just can't do it. just won't do it, short of messing about with Admin settings every time you want to change email addresses.

It's also easy to set up 'throwaway' aliases on the fly (like '') and have mail to them divert into a specific folder. Google kinda sorta does this (though they don't shout about it), I have no idea if Yahoo does.

If you're heavily involved in the whole Gmail ecosystem and you use an Android phone, there's a lot to be said for sticking with Google though.

The FM Android app used to be unusably slow for me, so I forwarded everything to backup Gmail account for use on my phone. But the update in the last few days seems to have sorted that out, so I'm going to try going back to the FM app again.
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