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Android setup frustration...

I am trying to set up a Gmail account on an android samsung S5 to receive fastmail account emails.

(Please don't suggest I use the fastmail app as I've already tried this on another phone earlier this year and app continually says "trying to connect to server". This was never resolved.)

See my thread at:

I installed fastmail app on the new phone yesterday (same model S5) and started to get the same message.

So I thought I would install Gmail. The Gmail setup on my new phone is different to the screen shots on FM's help screen at:

Gmail says the username and password on the new phone's setup is incorrect. I have check multiple times and they are both correct! What am I doing wrong??

user name: accountname at (i.e. the real account name, not an alias)
password: the app password I got via usernames's via web interface
port: 993
security type: SSL/TLS

I can't set outgoing srver details as the errot message stops me goinf onto next creen.

Really appreciate if someone can help.

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