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fmett: Very much appreciate what must have been a time consuming task of replicating my work. Thank you.

I have been a satisfied and loyal Fastmail user for more than a decade and cannot fault their email and files functionality on the desktop either via an email client or the web. It's quick, clever and dependable.

But they are badly letting down their customers (loyal or otherwise) in what should be a bullet-proof mobile phone solution.

If FM support is suggesting to people to not use the FM app, then it's clear that something needs fixing. (You could start by removing the mention of "FM has an excellent Android app" on your FM site.)

The world is moving to email on mobiles. FM needs to invest some time and money in getting a solid, easy-to-install application for mobiles. I want to use a FM solution, not Google's.

Not sure why I need to waste an entire Saturday afternoon in trying to get dependable access to email on my mobile.

I'm cross and frustrated...

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