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If anything ever happens to E4ward,....
Just an FYI, we are doing fine. E4ward is self-sustaining, and just as importantly, secure. Email forwarding services are a HUGE magnet for spam and abuse (you would not believe some of the nonsense that goes on ), and that appears to be a prime reason for the tankage of some other email forwarding services.

The downside of E4ward is that you need to login to their web site and manually enter both the alias name and the web site name each time you want to create a new alias. The process is somewhat clunky.
The login (required only for 'outgoing-first' messages when theres no incoming mail to reply to) is definitely somewhat clunky, but it insures that only E4ward users can manufacture valid reply addresses. The reply addresses are timestamped and digitally signed when they are generated. This is vital to maintaining the reputation and integrity of the service.

Note to Spamex: If you guys would ever get your act together and reply to support requests for using custom domain names, we could avoid all this crap and use you for everything.
As you are aware, E4ward already offers unlimited aliases and custom domains, and we are currently working on a less clunky way to support 'outgoing-first' messages without the website visit. The challenge is to keep the format of the reply address simple enough to be entered free-hand, while still making it impossible for bad guys to relay fake replies off our servers.
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