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Could not get Tuffmail to mask replys

Dear Thread Contributors,

Thank you, all of you, for the information in this tread. This thread has been very helpful in exploring options to sustainably replace my lost Emailias account!

Especially, thank you Paul M. for your dandy product & service.

As posted earlier, I tried out Tuffmail. Observations:

1) The only difference between my Tuffmail new account and the screenshot posted by Berenburger is that Berenburger's had an option for an auto-responder.

Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
Don't know if it helps you, but here's a screenshot how to create an address in the Account Manager.
2) Pointing my DNS MX record to their server cluster {with a priority of 10 (1st priority)}

and to one of my ISP host's mail servers {with a priority of 20 (2nd priority) if the priority 10 server was not available for some reason... i.e. the service closed} was cake work.

This is how Tuffmail verified that I owned the domain.

3) Inbound emails forwarded perfectly.

4) Reply emails offered up my root email address (very BAD). Although Tuffmail has an elaborate spam filtering setup, with 4 sorting levels (OK, not likely spam, probably spam (to fine-tune your filters) and bye-bye spam - Note: not their official names, but my interpretation of their functions), the point of a DEA is to NEVER have to peruse smam folders or use any computer resources on spam.

5) Tuffmail's Account Features page listed True ailiases at the very bottom as the last of a half-dozen "Future Development" issues.

6) As a measure of how likely development "True Ailiases" is, the last help screens for setting up email clients showed complete directions for Outlook 2000....

Conclusion. Although Tuffmail would handle many users (up to multiple hundreds) with unlimited feeder ailiases as a contract email server solution, as well as 100MB files, for a very reasonable price, they are not, in my opinion a suitable Emailias substite (unless I missed some things)

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps.
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