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Spamex does in fact support custom domain names

A few writers on this thread have lamented that Spamex did not support custom domain names. Although they do not publish this they do in fact I do it.

Last Friday, I wrote to Spamex and asked if they did this because I had seen a comment to a post on the description of Spamex stating that they did.

I received a reply later that night saying that yes they did, for

- $50 (cash, check, or money order, or the credit card number used to upgrade my account) and

- the URL (either yourdomain.tld or yoursubdomain.yourdomain.tld) that had its MX record pointed to

they would do it.

The post in the article said that it took spamex about two business days to reply on DNS setup issues. That was my experience as well. By late Tuesday evening my site had been approved and I am now creating spamex addresses with my own domain name.

If Spamex is listening, here is my grocery list of emailias features that I truly miss:

1) Context sensitive help. I finally found how to select and change e-mail addresses as a group hiding in the ListAddresses/View function.

2) File management-like tools. Not only the folders capability as has been discussed in this thread, but also ability to delete a disposable address. Or, since your business model relies on how many e-mail addresses I have historically created, at least the ability to hide an unused disposable e-mail address.

3) As long as we are being greedy, I would like a way to setup periodic, automatic e-mails of my entire spamex database, say every week or month. If you're going to build it, please make a way to send it to me without me having to come and get it every month.

4) Also, I have tried following the green, flashing links to forums on how to better use spamex several times without effect. I cannot get them to load. Maybe that's just my computer (Microsoft XP Pro, SP 3), or perhaps my embedded linux firewall. (I love electronics!... I hate electronics!)

5) I'll write more as I remember/encounter them.

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