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Arrow Saving images from Gmail web interface to your PC

I don't understand the exact details of what software you are using, but I have no difficulty in moving images from my iPhone to my Windows 10 PC. Here is what I do:
  • Take a photo using the iOS Camera app.
  • After the images are on the iOS device, I can see them by clicking the photo button in the lower left corner of the Camera app or by opening the iOS Photos app.
  • I use the export button in the lower left (looks like a square picture frame with an up arrow) and select (with a checkmark) the photos I want to export.
  • I then choose which app or service to use for the export. If you have it enabled, you can use the Gmail app. I enter my Gmail address in To (it's also automatically in the From field), add a subject, then use the send icon (right triangle in the upper right) to send the email.
  • If I send a single image using the iOS Gmail app, it inserts the image inline.
  • If I send two images using the iOS Mail app, it inserts the two images as attachments.
  • I then go to my Windows 10 PC and use a Gmail reader. You can find many of these - I go to and use the web interface, but you could use an IMAP client on your PC. My example below is using the web interface with the Chrome browser.
  • Open the email containing the photo in the Gmail web interface.
    • If the image is inline, click the image. You will then see some icons in the upper right for disposition of the image. The selections I have are for Google My Drive, Printing, and Download. Click the Download icon (down arrow above a tray) and the message is downloaded to the Windows 10 "Downloads" folder. You can use the up-arrow adjacent to the image filename in the lower left of the window and use "Show in folder" to see the image file in the Downloads folder.
    • If the image file (or files) is sent as an attachment(s), after opening the message you will see the attachment(s) at the bottom of the message. Hover your mouse over the attachment and you will see choices for downloading to your PC or to your Google Drive.
  • Since there are many different email clients (webmail or IMAP or POP) you might be using to send and to receive the image and I have no idea if you have an iOS, Android, or different type of mobile device, I can't guarantee that these steps are precisely what you need to do. But if you read your Gmail on a Windows 10 PC using a browser at the URL, one of the two methods I described (for inline images or attachments) should allow you to save the image(s) to your PC hard drive or Google Drive. The details will be different for Thunderbird, Outlook, or some other IMAP email client.
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