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The purpose of the personal address book is to store the existing email addresses of others.

It's exactly the same as keeping someone's postal street address in an address book. This allows you to keep track of their postal address, but it does not create a new valid delivery address for the post office or other delivery services. You can't create a PO box or street address by yourself!

Email addresses exist at a domain (the portion after the @ symbol). Someone has to register a new domain (which costs money) and maintain domain name records for that domain which specify the address of the incoming mail servers for that domain. For example, Google Inc. owns the domain. They control all email addresses which end with You can't create a new email address at or any other domain unless one of these is true:
  • You own the domain, which means you control how email sent to that domain is delivered.
  • You have an account at an email service provider which controls that domain (such as a Gmail account for and the email service provider allows you to create a new delivery address.
I hope this is clear. An email address which accepts incoming messages has a significant cost to the email provider, so most free email providers only give you one address per account, and you pay as you watch advertising. Paid email providers may allow you to create multiple email delivery addresses, since you pay for this privilege.

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