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Originally Posted by correo View Post
I've been trying out your service and I think it's great. I am considering bringing my own domain to you, and your support has given me good information about this.
We thank you for your feedback.
Originally Posted by correo View Post
I am confused about dkim, though. Mailfence support said that once I move my domain over, they will take care of dkim signatures on their back end, and that I wouldn't need to do anything. But, don't I need to put a copy of the key in a dns txt record to make dkim work properly? Wouldn't mailfence need to provide me with some key value to put in this dns record?
No, you don't have to put a copy of the key in your DNS txt record. Once you create an email address with your own domain and notify us that you would like to activate DKIM signing. We will then activate it from our side so that each of your email will get signed with Mailfence domain DKIM key. This takes away the burden of DKIM key generation, managing, rotation and safe disposal of compromised or obsolete or deprecated DKIM private keys from user's shoulder.
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