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Originally Posted by webecedarian View Post
I'm still having major problems posting (welcoming any suggestions for fixes), but if I can get this up...

Do you have preferences for email domain names that have nothing cute or trendy about them? I want something to use for job-related mail, and I really liked the plain rather formal name of, for instance. I dislike the major players, and, besides, names like Yahoo are too self-consciously cute. And I need something that doesn't require a telephone to create. The formats of Hotmail are better for me than most, but, again, the Hotmail name is too cute.

Any ideas?
My experience says Yandex or great free email providers which dont need a cellphone to sign up and are technically very advanced and certainly on pair with Gmail or Outlook (i use them privately for years now)...Since you are in the US...I probably would go for Gmail or Outlook. But I dont know if you can make a Gmail/Outlook address without a cellphone.

Avoid Yahoo/AOL at all costs...! I see some transport companies in Eastern Europe (Romania,Bulgaria etc) still using yahoo address..even is on their trucks!..looks very very Unprofesional imho.

my 2 cents.

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