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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
This is one reason why I no longer use a small email provider, no matter how good the product or service. There is no way of knowing what infrastructure, software, or procedures the service is using, and inevitably sh*t hits the fan. Yes, we've also seen problems with the biggies like Outlook and Gmail, but they have never been catastrophic failures like this.
If your mail and its online back-ups are lost it doesn't matter whether it's a tiny problem for a very large provider or the catastrophic failure of a very small one.

For those saying that this proves you should have a local backup of all your email, I say maybe, if you are really, really careful, have multiple backups including offsite, and live in a place with no earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, etc.
The chance that a backup fails even the same month as your mail is lost on the server is very small. You don't need anything particularly sophisticated to protect against well over 99% of online failures, which should be very rare events anyway.
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