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Good day.

The statements are, basically, feel good and self-serving. As we all know, anyone can write anything she or he likes and try to convince others that it is godspeak.

I have no problem with Fastmail giving itself so many kudos, however, the reality is not what FM wants to make us believe. Technically, FM is a class act. Regrettably, at the interpersonal level, it seems to have lost the milk of human kindness.

Why a company chooses to move announcements and some customer support to public media is incomprehensible to me. I don't do Facemail, Tweeter or their ilk.

Fastmail has basically abandoned EMD. Certainly, some comments (including some of my own) have been harsh, but never insulting. We all want FM to prosper, but we also want FM to stop being so thinned-skinned and to listen to its paying subscribers. Fastmail needs to stop assuming that only it knows what is best for its users.

I remember reminding Rob Mueller many years ago that it can take years to gain a customer, but only a split second to lose one. Apparently, my advice went unheeded.

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