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hi all,

i've been using runbox for some years now (it was still a free service at the time) and i love it since day one.

normaly i used to find a new email every time my old one was turning to a payed service without even considering to keep it (actualy runbox is the only email i have ever payed for).

i agree with all the previous posts about how impresively fast, reliable, functional and clean it is but there is one more factor that made me consider paying for it in the begining. it never stoped evolving. it keeps changing (and always did) as my needs are changing and i always feel it is one step ahead of them.

on top of that, these changes never affected how fast and reliable the service is and i never felt like i am paying just to be a beta tester (grrrr).

finaly, paypal as a payment option is a great addition for some people that don't have (or they don't want to use) a credit card. i have experienced that the costs to send international money orders can almost double the subscription cost in some places. paypal is much cheaper and hasle free.

oh... i forgot the exelent support (well... if you ever need it :P)

@Paladin: try as much as you like. you don't need any tools it's a good fun trying though :P
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