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To mark my 500th post in these forums I thought it only fitting to write a brief testimonial for Runbox, the email service that has served me so well for over three years. Without further ado, here is my warm commendation for my favourite email service:

It was a little over three years ago that I decided I needed to search for a new email service. I was initially attracted to the Runbox email service by the large storage quota. Upon signing up, I was immediately impressed by the sleek web-based interface and the powerful features offered. I have experienced Runbox develop and mature over the past three years; it has evolved to become without doubt the web's most reliable, efficient and effective email platform. The professional web interface is intuitive yet powerful, enabling me to easily utilise the many features offered. One of the most powerful of these features is the ability to dispatch emails with different sending addresses; using the web interface, I can easily send emails from my Runbox account that bear the sending address of my workplace. The Runbox web interface allows the creation of unlimited folders and filters, streamlining the process of organising and storing large numbers of email messages. When at home, I have the choice of accessing my email using the POP or IMAP protocols; this makes storing my email messages on my hard drive simple. The recent addition of the 'Files' feature has enabled me to store my most critical documents online, meaning that they are accessible wherever I can access the 'net. The Runbox staff provide professional yet personal support and any problems I have reported have been resolved almost immediately. This combination of the professional web-based interface, flawless reliability and unparalleled level of support make Runbox the perfect email service.

- Henry
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