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If you'll forgive a cross-post, this was written in response to a query about how Runbox stacks up against the free email services who are finally allowing more than 15 kilobytes of storage to their free users.

While it's nice to see other services following the lead of Runbox in offering massively more storage than they have in the past, and while I expect we'll start to see an overall increase in space per dollar (or NOK ) I can't say this makes me eager to jump ship.

First of all, I don't find the cost of Runbox to be prohibitive. Yes, if two identical things are priced at $0 and $30 (though I bought 3 years and 2 accounts, so it's really $0 vs $17) I'm going to pick the $0, but it does not take much benefit in my mind to be worth 4.5 cents each day (my Runbox cost).

So what do I think I'm getting for my 4.5 cents per day? Well, to start with these forums. When I have a question about my Runbox account, I can get it answered here in a matter of minutes. With Yahoo and other free email services, trying to get help is generally more frustrating than just suffering with whatever problem I'm having in the first place.

The filtering that RB offers is, in my mind, far more powerful than anything I've seen elsewhere. Using filters and whitelists diligently has made my Inbox spam-free for months.

Ads, or in this case the lack thereof. Again, I don't have to avoid many flashing java based come-ons to "Hit the Turkey with the Axe" to be worth 4.5 cents a day.

Oh, and how about access through POP, IMAP, WAP and my phone's wireless browser at fast.runbox. Again, far more useful than anything I've gotten from Yahoo.

So those are a few that come to mind, just off the top of my head.

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