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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
What does it mean? I have been reliably forwarding emails forever from various accounts to Gmail and with no issues at all. It is the perfect solution for an email account you want to read, but have no need to send from.
I assure you that you have not, you just haven't noticed the problems because the emails aren't that important to you. I have a flawless send reputation, but I get bounce emails from one of my customers who signed up with an address, set it to forward to gmail, and gmail is sick of their forwards. They don't know, they don't care, I can't tell them because they forward email and now I can't email them. In their mind, their forwarder works fine, and if I can't get the invoices to them it's my problem. But it's not, it's theirs, they made a poor choice.

But you can't teach people this, it's like teaching an old dog a new trick. Email forwarding worked 10 years ago, most people don't notice that they don't get promo emails from the hotel they last visited or conduct important high volume business via their email, so they won't hear what I have to say, and they don't care if they contribute to email problems for everyone else by getting IP space rate limited or temp blocked. It's honestly annoying, but I'm tired of fighting with it. People want email to just work and they want it to just work like it did 10 years ago, and frankly that isn't possible. It doesn't anymore. Everything changed in the months following Yahoo's adoption of DMARC in late 2013. People want to cling to the past more than they want guaranteed inbox delivery, so I'm risking inbox delivery for them to a greater degree now to satisfy their desires. Hopefully it won't impact other customers too much because MailChannels just might be able to handle it.

Email forwarding only works for people who don't care. If your email is vital for your business, you're missing very important things. There is no other way that it can happen. Read this, and keep in mind that SRS doesn't totally fix all of this, it just provides a temporary bandaid for one single aspect of the problem:

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