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Re: Re: How To Improve SPAM Filtering using Runbox Filters

Originally posted by mail2me
Does the Runbox "reject" really work?

I have tried sending the famous "ADV: Your Membership Exchange order -- Question to eBay seller g.r.a.p.e?" message minus the "ADV" ( since FastMail doesn't allow sending messages with it in the subject line) from various accounts to test this feature. The message definitely gets flagged as spam and filed to the Spam folder but it doesn't get rejected.
I think I can answer this, it's a bit tricky but here's how I understand it. When a spam comes through for, say, 10 users, SA looks at it and determines if it is, in fact, spam. If it is, then the Runbox mail server has the option of rejecting the entire transaction from the sending mail server, but ONLY if every one of the recipients had selected Reject If Possible.

If anyone did not have Reject If Possible chosen, then Runbox is required by email protocol to accept it and deliver it to all recipients.

The strange thing in what you describe is, as I understand it, you should not be able to have simultaneously selected "Reject if Possible" and "File in XX folder". They are 2 different options.

So, for people who choose Reject if Possible, you need to set up a filter in your Manager to reject anything that meets your criteria of spam. So mine, for example, says any messsage whose header contains "X-Spam-Level: ****" should be filed as spam. This catches anything with a SA score above ~4 and moves it to my Spam folder.

Post here again if you have "Reject If Possible" selected, no other Spam filters that you've set up yourself, but Spam getting moved to a separate folder. I'd be interested in understanding it better.

What you've described (not being rejected, filed in folder) would make sense if the second of the 3 spam options is selected, "Detect, and file in XX".

In the mean time, hope this all makes sense.

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