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Sounds like that explains why it was not rejected -- that the feature was temporarily disabled. Otherwise, mail2me, I would expect that your spammy message, sent from outside Runbox to only one recipient at runbox should be rejected.

Tore- I did not think that the file to folder still worked even if the Reject if Possible option was selected. I agree with you, it should be possible to select both, the Reject should be a checkbox enabled as an option when the Detect and File is picked.

I have my personal filter set up because I thought I'd read in a posting that the file to folder would not work if the reject option is selected.

By the way, for mail2me and others, the reason I filter on the occurrence of "X-Spam-Level: ****" instead of just SpamFlag: Yes is that it allows you to tailor your spam tolerance. SA decides it's spam when the score is 5 or greater, but I was occasionally getting spam that scored a 4, 4.5 4.9 etc, so I lowered my "tolerance" to 4. You could also make it X-Spam-Level: ** which would lower it to 2 (and still would catch ***, ****, *****, etc), just depends on how aggressive you want to be.

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