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Originally posted by digp
what do you need so many for?
In case you don't feel like writing one down.

For example, if someone wants you to give them your eMail address, and afterword you have to do something undesirable (work for example) you want to write down the longest possible address. But if you're signing a form to go to Disney World, you're probably going to write down the shortest address

Also there's the spam thing. I use several aliases through my own service, and most of them redirect to one address with forwards it to another and about 4 forwards later it arrives at my account. This hides my address very well .

I could have, but then if I don't trust a site I could send it to and that one redirects to my gmail account which redirects to, and I'll catch it along the way, so I know what's coming. I have been looking for a service that will forward an eMail sometime like the next day, so if I don't want it in my inbox, I can delete it. I know there's a name for all this ingenious forwarding system, but I can't remember.
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