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Kill Spammers

I could say a ton of things about the convenience of having an IMAP interface over POP3 (I can read mail using Outlook at home and using the web when I'm on the road and the two stay in sync in terms of deletions, marking messages as read or unread, etc), the speed with which pages load (fast!), the more professional image my email gets by having my own real "From:" address and no tag lines, etc.

But instead I want to talk about how little SPAM I receive since switching to Fastmail! My Inbox used to beep constantly during the day as I received lots of SPAM. In fact, for a while after switching to Fastmail I wondered if everything was working right because I got so much less email. It was actually because very little SPAM was getting through. It's not just from switching email addresses - all my old email gets forwarded to my Fastmail account - but Fastmail evidently goes a good job of filtering out mail from known spammers!

When I do still get SPAM, I can use the "Bounce" command to return the mail to the spammers and make them think my email address is no longer valid! That's something no other service that I've ever seen does! And if they keep spamming (or if they're so disreputable that they've forged all their headers in which case the bounce message probably wouldn't get through to them), Fastmail makes it easy to set up filters to ignore that particular spammer forever.

Very nice work, guys!

-- Conrad

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