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I need to deal with e mail on the web, but I prefer to use an e mail client at home. I use multiple e mail accounts for different purposes.
When Yahoo announced their new fee structure I decided to start looking around. I wasn't happy with what I was seeing out there these days. The pickings were slim.
After checking out a few and rejecting them all because they didn't quite work I stumbled on It was free, it was on the web, and it was on that strange thing called IMAP.
I asked questions and got really quick responses from Jeremy. I was impressed.
Suddenly, AMEX announces the demise of Free is no more, but I wasn't about to pay for or Yahoo when did a lot more for a lot less.
I grouped my accounts here and I'm considering bringing the domain here when I get the chance to absorb what I need to do. Jeremy also offered to help! Gee, that's just like the service I got on Yahoo and my ISP (whose mail service I avoid like the plague!)
This is a great service and worth every cent.

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