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Talking Yet another fan

I always said that I'd never pay for email. Why bother? I just use it for school, friends and family.

Then the quality of free email went downhill...quickly. And if you complain...well, you're getting it for free! What do you expect?

So when I finally decided that I needed a quality email account for the lowest price possible, I came straight to FastMail. I had a free account, and loved was almost never down, and when it was (once that I can recall), we were sent emails acknowledging and apologizing for it! What a shock...

I upgraded to a $9.99/yr yahoo account and a Member account at fastmail. Then I read that soon they'll be implementing file storage, bookmarks and calendars (which is the only reason I upgraded my yahoo account in the first place), so just upgraded to Enhanced membership! This is a great account...especially love the "bounce" button.

Just another 'thanks' from a satisfied customer,

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