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Well they found the bug. One guy says they have a fix. Another guy, who responds to all of my sieve bugs always says:

Thanks for reporting. I've created a bug reported in our internal tool on this... Will let you know when the bug is fixed, but as I mentioned in the other ticket, please not that Sieve tester related issues are lower priority.
Which I read, "don't hold your bread this will be fixed any time soon".

I got the same response for a bug I spotted in vacation response when trying to verify why fcc is added to the require command. VR adds catchall aliases and duplicates the main account email address in the vacation command.

Also I submitted a ticket for addheader causing sieve tester to not report the filinto result. None of this stuff is going to be fixed. Just added to a black hole of things to do someday. There are always going to be higher priority bugs.

What's the point of having these tools if they aren't even going to support them?

I'm wondering if I should keep FM as my ESP. By coincidence my subscription ends this week. Not sure what I am going to do. Their ticket support is responsive (usually less than a week or two) but acting upon those tickets leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm a little mad (not the word I wanted to use but it got censored) at the moment.
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