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Originally Posted by solenoid View Post
Given all the Sieve extensions they've been working on with the IETF, your conflating "low priority for reasons like keeping the business going" with "will not support" just seems silly.
That's your point of view. Keeping the business going is a never ending process and I include in that maintaining the tools they provide to their users.

Maybe if they stopped adding needless crap and stupid/aggravating changes to the UI they might have more resources to devote on the parts of the system that actually have known bugs and deficiencies.

And what are all these "sieve extensions" you are talking about? I am not tracking IETF. If they are adding any extensions to sieve (or planning to) then as far as I am concerned if they don't also add them to sieve tester they are useless (to me anyhow).

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