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Catch-all spam filtering?

I'm using the catch-all feature on my personal domain. I was wondering if the various spam filters such as CloudMark are applied to all the email arriving at my domain, because I'm seeing quite a bit of repetitive spam day after day. I'm asking because I was looking into adding a 3rd party spam filter service (yes, I'm really that annoyed) and it seems that some of them do not filter unless there is an exact hit on a mailbox address, so they don't work very well with the catch-all option.

I'm also wondering if I have my email client correctly configured to help train runbox's spam machinery. I'm diligent at marking spam, but I don't notice any decline in the number of emails with titles like "Desperate Asian Women Waiting for You" and "New Position Open with Apple." Are their any configuration notes for this?

Thanks, any help appreciated.
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