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Money is not a problem, that is for you.

Every week, I am getting 1000+ SPAM and checking once a week only.

I am happy with them and account is paid till 2021 too.

I have just one request to them, I need more alias and ready to pay for it. but they are not allowing more than 6.

Originally Posted by xboxhaxorz View Post
i started with endjunk for the primary reason of creating a disposable email address
that service ended so i now use spamgourmet but their control system is not the greatest, considering its free i cant complain

i may try pobox and if it looks better im happy to pay $20

so lets say i am buying a product or registering on a forum, i dont want to use my personal address because sometimes spam will just keep coming with no unsubscribe option

spamgourmet allows me to do the following

while registering i use the sites domain in my new address ie;

now if i get spam i can disable that address and my real account is safe

my only worry is that spamgourmet may close as its totally free and not sure how long they will support
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