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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I think what he means is, things like you cant download an email to your HD where as you can quite easily on the old UI...
Sure, you can download any email as an .eml file to your PC using the current interface. I agree it takes two steps and isn't labelled as "download message" in a menu.
  • Open an email to read it.
  • Click More...Forward as attachment (which converts the message to an .eml file)
  • In the Compose screen, click on the attachment and save it to your PC.
Originally Posted by Terry View Post
...Also looking up headers some applications are missing in the current UI, there is really a long list of things that are in the old UI that are not in the current one....Lets hope they will all be added before its cut off.
I don't understand what you mean by "looking up headers some applications are missing". Email headers are not affected by the user interface, and you can view some (Extra Headers setting) or all (Show Raw Message) in the current interface. You can also search for specific headers. I think you must not have meant "headers".

Bron stated in another thread that he will work on adding anything which seems important (although rarely used by most users) to the current interface. So I think this is a very good move.
Originally Posted by brong View Post
... Having the timeline will also force us to deal with things that are only available in Classic, because "just log in to Classic and do it there" won't be an option any more.
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