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New interface problems

I have reported problems with the new interface before and didn't get any useful information. Trying again now as the problem is repeatable enough for me to have experienced it 3 times so far today.

The problem is this: when I hit send on a message it starts to send and then .... nothing. It never gets sent and I end up having to start again.

Every time it happens I get reminded to Control A and Control C before hitting send but it's hard to do that without fail.

This has NEVER happened to me with the Classic interface in getting on for 15 years. It happens quite FREQUENTLY with the new interface (which is one reason I default to continuing to use the Classic as long as I can, the other being my need to sort contacts on nickname).

It seems to happen more often on messages with attachments than without. If I log out I note that I am presented with a Switch User option afterwards, as if I haven't logged out at all.

I do quite often have more than one session open (e.g., a masteruser account and another account) at the same time (in a private window, possibly with Classic UI but not always), and I have wondered if the cookies of one session were getting picked up incorrectly.

Either way I am not happy. It's particularly annoying when I have to do a screen grab on a hung email and retype it.

Any suggestions?

Last time I posted on this the verdict was "it's your network". It's a limited DSL link but I have had no trouble with any other sites so I remain skeptical about this.
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