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Arrow Save Now feature

I never see this problem unless I'm on a very unreliable network connection. I often have several Fastmail windows open, but they are all on the current user interface.

When you are composing a message you should see the Save Now button at the top changing from time to time between these three states:
  • Save Now (normal)
  • Saving (grey)
  • Saved (grey)
If you are making a significant change to a message you are composing (such as pasting a block or typing in some complex information), you should click the Save Now button after the modification so that the server is updated. You should see the state changing to Saving momentarily, then to Saved. If the state remains in Saving very long (such as 30 seconds) you have a significant problem with the network connection to the Fastmail server.

Once the state is Saved, the copy on the Drafts folder at Fastmail is identical with what you see on your screen. Any changes you then make (typing a single character, for example) will cause the state to change to Save Now so you are warned that the state hasn't been copied to the Fastmail server. I recommend using the Save Now button often when the network connection is poor.

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