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Checking back here now because... it's happened again.

I simply don't have this problem with ANY other web site or mail system. It's exasperating and I just don't believe it's solely the network and not in any way a UI bug.

It never happens with the Classic UI.
I never have issues with mail clients either (Thunderbird, K9 and Fastmail app on Android)
It is EXCLUSIVELY a problem with the new UI.

When I cancel sending a message (back arrow) I can't connect to my inbox again without logging out but when I do so I'm offered an option to switch user back to the session I've logged out of.

Update: on a hunch I have disabled Privacy Badger for and filed the following to

Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 on Windows 7. site: I periodically get message sending failures as if I have been logged out. I am not sure but suspect that the gravatar site used by Fastmail may be involved. Something is happening with cookies using the new UI (Classic UI is fine).

This may be entirely wrong but it seems more plausible to me than network problems which exclusively affect the new UI.

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