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I've always thought this was true about phone numbers--commonsense. But, unfortunately many sites only let you use a phone number for 2FA or for recovery purposes. The good news is that unless you are specifically being targeted, your phone number is not likely to be randomly hacked at the same moment your online life is being hacked, unlike weak password-only protected sites. I've wondered if there could be some sort of service created that would provide you with a virtual phone number that could be used for authentication/recovery purposes only, but it was actually controlled by some super-secure company that then alerted you via a secure messaging app that such-and-such account sent such-and-such a code. This would also allow you to get codes if your personal phone number changed or was out of service for some reason. However, the longterm solution is to use some other means of authentication. Wherever possible I use an authenticator app and backup email addresses, and not a phone number.
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