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There are numerous ways to protect a phone number you wish to keep as private as possible. One easy one is to use Google Voice as your primary number that you give out to most people and businesses, keeping the actual phone number tied to your phone private. SMS security codes don't always work when sent to Google Voice so that won't work in every situation. Another option is to get a second line on an existing account. You can purchase another number on T Mobile for $10 extra a month, allowing you to keep one number private. You can also lock down your SIM with a special code that is required to do the SIM swap thing. Some people purchase a cheap prepaid phone with limited service that they mainly use as an emergency phone, and to receive security codes for those services that require them. Leave it in your car most of the time as an emergency phone, but use that number to give out to businesses. With cell phones it is easy to set them up to only ring for those you want to hear from and let every other call go to voicemail--the important ones will leave a message and the scammers will give up. Or, the simplest of all, use a different email service, or other service, that doesn't require a phone number to sign up.
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