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Click Host - Australian Email Hosting

There's a thread just started on Reddit, about Click Host:

Here's a link to their website, about their e-mail hosting - of special interest is their 'March Madness' offer:

I've had an online chat today with Adrian Acosta - their Chief Development Officer (Founder).

If you're AU/NZ based, you can order online from their website, but for international orders:

We do plan to open orders internationally very soon and in most cases, we can still help now with some discussions about your requirements.
We'd be more than happy to allow international orders for anybody looking for a new email hosting product to replace their old G-Suite free account. Simply get in touch and we can manually push through the orders for anybody outside of AU/NZ.
For anyone inside AU/NZ, simply order on our website and we can assist with the migration process.
Please note, I have no connection with Click Host, but feel that this offer may be of interest to forum members.
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