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Originally posted by Sherry
Most regulars know this but for the new members:
To post a link to a specific post, instead of the whole thread, right/click on the "time" it was posted and click on Copy Shortcut. (this works with IE, not sure of other browsers)
This should work in all browsers. It's a plain HTML link.

Originally posted by war17
Go to your PM box and click on Jump to Sent Items folder and delete the messages there. Also, jump to Message Tracking folder and delete the messages there. Now you can receive private messages.
Also, if you have people on your Ignore List, temporarily remove them from the list and delete any new messages that appear; messages sent by people on your Ignore List do count towards the 70-PM quota, but are not shown in the list of incoming messages.

To archive PMs, a download manager can be used. In User CP (link at the top of every page), Options, set "Browse board with cookies?" to "No", then point your download manager to the PM Inbox page and download all the pages linked to from that page.
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