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Originally Posted by caulfield87 View Post
Sure thing. But why say it will begin before 2017 ends, when it's clear it won't happen (they predicted it a couple of days before new year's).
Not trying to defend Runbox, but perhaps they actually DID begin the beta already to a smaller, select group of testers, and they'll roll out the beta to more on their list in the weeks ahead? No idea, but another possibility is that they were just over-exuberant in their estimates or perhaps like Glendon suggested, maybe they had some other unexpected issue come up...

Also, I just remembered there is a huge security issue with Intel processors going on right now, and Linux, Windows and OSX were just patched... so maybe they took some time to do some unexpected server patches and performance testing, etc... the Intel bug is apparently severe for some usage scenarios in terms of the performance hit... and cloud virtualization and disk I/O are supposed to have been casualties if I understood correctly. So I wouldn't be surprised if they've been dealing with that too.

Who knows? :-)
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