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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
I am assuming that you mean your domain name is with the registrar Gandi, and you have been using the e-mail account(s) that come with domains registered with them.

Now you are wanting to transfer the sending/receiving of e-mails (not the domain from the registrar Gandi) to FastMail.

Are you then amending the NS or just MX records in Gandi to point to FastMail?

If so, and because you mention aliases that have previously been created in Gandi, I would suggest that you record your current settings in Gandi.

I have done this a few times, and what I have done is take screen caps of all the settings (aliases, etc) in Gandi, then I have them to refer to when setting them up again in FastMail.

As for the e-mails currently with Gandi, if you are keeping your domain registered with them you can keep the e-mail accounts and the e-mails stored there, unless you really do want/need to transfer them over to your FastMail account.
Thanks for your answer Fred. I am thinking to move my domain to Fastmail and I also have 5 email accounts with Gandi (free with that domain) that I'm using.

About your last words: after upgrading my account to use my domain with Fastmail, if the records now are pointing to Fastmail, is it possible to login as always with Gandi email too?. I suppose that it's not possible because now all points to Fastmail and so I can't check those messages stored there and the emails. Maybe I am wrong.
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