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Originally Posted by CWM030 View Post
I am just wondering for anyone out there using for their email front end

Have any of ya'll turned off the feature under SERVICES> CLICK ADD ON TRUSTED SENDERS BUTTON> Trust correspondents to OFF?

I dont understand the point in adding people to my safe senders list when I may email them only once in this life time and never again....

Why permanently add them to the list of safe senders? I mean I don't mind approving them / releasing them from the spam folder to be delivered to my inbox if they were to ever email me again. Like if I was to have my spam control on TRUSTED ONLY. Which, by the way I don't have it on trusted only , I still have it on standard spam control.

I almost thought about clearing my whole safe list and starting over but at the top of the screen POBOX.COM says they don't recommend it. I believe as of right now since I started with pobox back in NOV I have 52 trusted contacts....

do you just leave it like it is and let it add those one time contacts to your safe list? Or what is your technique / how do you run your account?

I have Trusted Senders on. They are automatically added when a mail is sent and by releasing spam when a mail is wrongly classified as spam (occasionally). I can not think of a reason to delete the list. On the contrary, it is a handy list of addresses (137) that I have emailed over the years.

BTW, you'd better delete your email address here to prevent harvesting.

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