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Originally Posted by Adrian Bell View Post
If you want to use Gmail, just stick a number on the end like everyone else does, and pay more attention to the rest of your resume. Of course you could always change your name.

No please don't do that! It looks really cheesy, immature and unprofessional. I'm a person who lets a lot of things slide (there can be a lot of reasons why something doesn't look an expected way!) but as a person who was a hiring manager in the past, I would really look at an email with a number on it and wonder (many times!)

However, young folks don't care and are used to it. So with a young hiring manager they won't care about that. I have to say better safe than sorry.

Use an initial in the middle, or spell out your full name. Mr. before the name just seems funny or strange.

Honestly using gmail is a better choice than having say, @hotmail or @yahoo as the tld. Best is a nice domain you own, especially if you're in the tech field.
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