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Originally Posted by BritTim View Post
In business, there is no imminent prospect of email dying out, but I am not sure about the longer term even there. The increasing use of collaboration software, supporting teams including both internal and external participants, is supplanting email markedly in some organizations. We shall see.
I agree with your points about personal use to some degree, but a lot of younger folks also don't yet live in a "professional" world where things still rely heavily on traditional email. In other words, it's dying off for interpersonal communication, certainly, but for professional communications I don't see it going away any time soon.... Can I get my household bills sent to me on Facebook or Twitter? What about travel itineraries, online order receipts, communications with accounts, lawyers, etc?

The main reason I don't see email dying off even in the corporate space any time soon regardless of what businesses may choose to go with internally is that it's the single, common standard that you can use to communicate with almost anybody on the planet. Picture a world where Microsoft Exchange users could only communicate with other Microsoft Exchange users, and Slack users could only communicate with other Slack users, and Google Apps users could only communicate with other Google Apps users.

Maybe someday, some organization will come up with a whole new open standard for Internet communications, but since there's little "profit" in that, I'm not holding my breath; everything that's been done for the past 20 years is individual companies trying to push their own proprietary communication systems in hopes that they can "wag the dog" and get the whole world to adopt their system.
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