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Nice! I will go ahead and add them to the Opening Post as a new QUOTE after that first one and date it to shwo when they were added to this topic

and I might try a few of these out myself lol

though I'm still looking for one that does the folder like in the Classic UI, "(NEW/total)" aligned to right margin so its out of the way! and! not cluttering..

make it happen captain! lol if u can please.. if not ohh well!

this is not too bad..
I that it displays a constant NEW count badge..
and that's its automatically aligned to the right margin is GREAT!
makes it a bit more consistent in displaying NEW counts instead of only popping up when there is NEW mail in a folder, THANK!
    /* Puts a badge on every folder, displaying constant "NEW MAIL" count */
    /* Puts a badge on every folder */
ps: I have gone ahead and renamed the badge comment to be a bit more verbose if you don't mind.. I left the original comment tag too for reference..

I kinda like this one too, but I reduced the text size from 15 to 10.. :/
I guess I like that size.. consider it OPTIONAL lol
/* Affects the folder count in the lower right corner */
border:1px solid black;

I like THIS one TOO!
but I edited the comment.. its NOT specifically SPAM related
its the RULES page in general..
  /* Affects the Settings --> "RULES" page */
SO yeah those are the three I liked, so I added them to my ACTIVE TWEAKS Style's code profile!

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