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Originally Posted by ProtonMail View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm Jason Stockman, a developer with ProtonMail. We're discovering (thanks to Beta support tickets and this forum thread actually) that we have some Javascript bugs related to the UI and animations in Firefox on Linux and unfortunately those errors are breaking core functionality on the Compose pages. We should have a fix in place over the next hour or so, but in the meantime if you'd like to try things out you may have better luck with Safari or Chrome, at least until we have a Firefox patch in place this afternoon.

We do expect a lot of usability bugs over the next few days, but it's a shame this specific bug prevents core functionality. It's likely a bug that I personally wrote as the front-end developer and I'm sorry about that.

I hope you'll come back and give us another try later today.

If anyone else has a problem at all with the site, you can contact me/us directly through our site or post here - we'll keep an on eye on both sides!

I'll be glad to try it any time that it may be convenient. However I routinely use Firefox, and although I can't say I would never again change browsers, I'm not inclined to permanently change browsers now only to use a single email service, since literally everything else I do online works fine with Firefox and it's what I'm accustomed to using and finding all the options for, etc. But I'll be glad to wait however long it may take for better Firefox functionality.
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