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Originally Posted by digp View Post
Hello MX Route - where have you gone?
Hey there! I'm around. I've had to be a bit more disciplined with my time as I've taken on a team lead position at DigitalOcean. I've also added a new face to MXroute on the support side, Josh. One of the best decisions I've made in a while

Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
Recently signed up for MXRoute, which mostly seems to work well as advertised. I migrated emails to MXRoute via TransferMyEmail and it duplicated most (but not all) of the emails, just about doubling the size of my Inbox on MXRoute. I migrated the emails from a Gmail account and made sure not to select the All Mail folder and I had all labels turned off too. In any case, does anyone have any good ideas on how to dedupe thousands of emails? I have been using Horde, but I could switch to Roundcube or Squirrel if that makes a difference.
It doubled? Ouch. I can't think of a good way to automate that but I'd be interested in trying if you wanted to give me a shot at it. I'd probably use Linux-based tools on the files themselves rather than interacting with the email directly. Of course, I'd always take a backup of it first.

On a side note, in cPanel now is an "imapsync" icon that allows you to transfer email from one server to another over IMAP, no external service required

Originally Posted by randian View Post
What are the "lot of changes" they're talking about?
New web design, panel design, and backup relays are no longer only deployed during an outage but instead fully active and 100% functional without the problems (increased incoming spam) caused by the original relays. Recovery from failures and prevention of email loss during failures are now entirely solved and automated. At this stage I need only observe the standard outage scenarios we've dealt with in the past as they occur and observe automation resolving them. They result in up to 5 minutes of downtime now and, as a result, have almost stopped occurring entirely.

Despite being busier than I was, bringing in Josh to help on support has left me more time to actually work on improving the service. I've really been enjoying it. Aside from that I've been able to be almost not present for MXroute for some time and as it grows it is my hope that I can continue to disconnect from the daily repetitive tasks of it and be around more for the big stuff. Dealing with both, as it scales, usually means being less effective at one or both. Scaling things while keeping them neighborly and personal has been the theme of this year thus far for me both with MXroute and in other capacities.

Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
MXRoute has 2FA for the account functions, but webmail does not. IMHO that is a pretty significant drawback. I am using them right now and the service seems reliable and good value for money, especially if you have lots of domains you need email for. Personally, I would never sign up for 10-year pricing for any tech service unless the price was so good that it competes with 2-year pricing. MXRoute's offer probably is good value if you look at it as a 2-year deal that could last longer if wanted. I have no faith in any tech company being around in 10 years--maybe by then email will be obsolete!
It's rough because you can't just implement 2FA on email and call it a day. The only way someone like Gmail gets away with it is that they're so popular people want to make popular email client applications that connect through their non-standard system. The only way to use IMAP, POP, or SMTP with Gmail and 2FA is to create passwords that are designed to be for a single application (so you don't re-use it everywhere). But even that still ends up being passwords that access your account without 2FA, so you really can't win if you want to use the standard email protocols to access your mail as there's just no accepted standard for 2FA on those protocols. It's time for new standard protocols, honestly. But the entire industry has to move on it together.

It's definitely a bold statement for me to say I'll be here in 10 years. I can't accurately say that I will and that's why MXroute has a path to continuation should I die tomorrow. But with this new diet and these two beautiful daughters to take care of I sure hope I'm around in 10 years. I know MXroute will be though. Without me Ryan would step in, and he would find a new business partner to continue down the same path.

I'm really excited about the launch of MXshared and the expansion of MXroute to London for lower latency to people in the region. Good stuff coming, a lot of it already here, and as always I'm around if you need anything

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