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MXshared Service Shutting Down

Quote from Jarland:

I have some bad news to announce about the MXshared platform. As most of you know, this operation is a side operation for MXroute, our primary brand (email hosting). Recently MXroute has grown to the point that it is beginning to shift in the scale of workload, requiring more work per client than it did in the first few years of it's service. As a result, the MXshared brand represents a major problem. I am being unfair to my customers of MXshared and MXroute by continuing this secondary product/brand. As much as it pains me to shut it down, I truly feel that this is best for everyone. I cannot devote the time necessary to run this brand, and if I take the time anyway then I take it from MXroute.

The MXshared brand will be shutting down November 30. Until that time, we will not be issuing any invoices or processing any renewals, terminations, or cancellations. All billing automation is halted, the service stands as-is. Feel free to cancel any PayPal subscriptions. All services that are paid for beyond the end of September will be refunded in full on or shortly after November 30. I intend to make sure that no one faces any unfair scenario in this shutdown. In no way do I intend to keep money that is owed back to you for paying for service that will not be rendered as a result of this shutdown.

For web hosting, we highly recommend ImpactShared as a replacement. You can find their site here:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide you with web hosting. I sincerely apologize that I was not able to uphold my side of the bargain, and will do everything in my power to make sure that you feel you were taken care of during this process.

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