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Originally Posted by pin View Post
I currently pay $72 a year and could do with reducing this as much as possible I have seen EuMX, Gandi, Zoho and Polarismail mentioned on the forum. Can anyone offer their experiences of these services or suggest any alternatives that I have missed that would be worth taking a look at?
Having used: Fastmail, PolarisMail, and EuMX, in the past, I will recommend all of them. I am currently using 'Runbox' and will recommend them also.

Fastmail and Runbox (both) have forums here at EmailDiscussions, where you can receive ongoing information and updates about these services.

PolarisMail and EuMX also have representatives here, who are forum members, who often login to answer questions and concerns.

I have not used Gandi or Zoho.

It is sad that Tuffmail is deteriorating. I used them myself (when John was in charge of the company) - it was dead solid perfect at that time.



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