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Arrow Better idea for filing messages not from someone in your address book (or a group)

Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
Bill n5bb previously answered this question for me: <link to very old post>
I suggest ignoring that old post I made 5 years ago. I also believe that discarding all messages from senders not in your address book is too dangerous, and it's much better to just send such messages to a specific folder (such as one your create with a name like "Unknown sender"). You can set that folder to auto-discard after a month if you wish. Here is an example rule using the current Fastmail web interface:
  • Settings>Rules
  • New Rule
  • Change the condition to one of these:
    • The message is not from a contact
    • The message is not from a member of group (select a group)
  • Action: Move to: "Unknown sender" (or some other folder you have created to hold such messages)
  • Save
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