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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
...This pertains to the address that is currently blocked:
### 2. Sieve generated for discard rules
if address :is "To" "[email protected]" {
If "[email protected]" is an address which you want to receive, then you have blocked it and you need to remove those blocking rules.

I just noticed that you said you started having trouble after the last iOS update, but that the Mac support people couldn't help you.
  • Are you using some type of Apple Mac PC? They look like this:
  • Or are you using an Apple iPad? They look like this:
  • Do you understand what the web browser in your device looks like? Are you using it when you send or receive email, or another program?
  • As I said before, if you are using an iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad) and the Fastmail app, you will see Fastmail listed when you open the Settings icon (grey concentric gears) and scroll down on the page to the alphabetic list of applications you have installed. If you use Facebook, Fastmail is probably immediately after Facebook in this list.
    • If you don't see Fastmail in that list, it would appear you are using some other way to access Fastmail. But we have no idea whether you are using a browser and logging into the Fastmail website or using Apple Mail or some other email client app.
    • The reason I keep asking this is that if you are using the Apple Mail app or another email client, there are settings in that email client that could be causing your problems.
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